How to Identify if You’re Roof Has Been Damaged by Hail

There have been several homes damaged from the recent hail storms. From Georgia to California the insurance companies have been overwhelmed with the quantity of claims. The insurance companies have been asking that homeowners evaluate their house for irreparable harm. If you suspect that your house may have hurt, there are a few important inspections that can confirm your suspicions.

The size of the hail is going to have an impact on the amount of damage you will find for your house. The air-conditioning unit is the easiest spot to locate damage. The metal coils will have dents that are circular in appearance. It can seem that the device was struck by tens of thousands of golf balls.

Find the downspouts that extend down from your gutter system. There might be large quantities of ceramic granules from the drain that have washed from your roof system. Should you find more than a handful of granules, then the integrity of your roof system has been compromised.

All houses usually have screens on their windows. The screens are regarded as a superb resource for finding water damage. There’ll be dents in the screens along with a torn place or two may be present too. The bigger the piling the bigger the dents will be on the screen mesh. The metal frame which holds the screen in place is likely to possess dings and dents observable.

Your patio or yard furniture is a great place to locate water damage. Most patio or lawn furniture is made of soft metals. These delicate metals will reveal dings and dents when it had been stuck by hailstones. The material to your own umbrella or the seats may have damaged material with holes existing. Your barbecue will probably have dents or splatter marks from the effects of hailstones when it had been out in the start.

Value of a Physical Inspection

After a hail storm strikes, most homeowners must seek the services of an experienced inspector to perform a physical inspection of the roof construction to determine if the storm caused any actual damage. Any minimum problem can progressively worsen over time and possibly shorten the lifespan of the construction.

Homeowners are going to have valid insurance claim even if there was just a minimum amount of damage brought on by the hail storm. After a claim was filed, the insurance carrier will send their representative to inspect the roof and also identify any problems caused by the storm and their seriousness. The process of detecting the damage can be readily handled with a trained eye; however, the eye has a tricky tie with this process.

The ideal place to find the most harm is on your roof system. This may be extremely dangerous so that I must counsel against climbing a ladder unless you’re experienced. The shingles will probably have divots which are clear to see. It will appear that someone was teeing off ice balls in your own roof. The roof tiles will have around circles present in which the granules are disrupted from the hail. Additionally, there’ll be more harm noted on the north altitude due to the Jet Stream. Be sure to check the soft metals onto the roof structure such as dents or dings.

Ultimately, NOAA’s National Weather Service maintains a record on their website of all the significant storms that struck the United States. You may put in your address and it will display the date, duration, and kind of storm that struck your area. For those who have found any damage to your house, you’ll need to notify your insurance carrier first and foremost.

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